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How Now Mrs Brown Cow 2015 UK Tour

Mrs Brown's Boys UK Tour Dates

Mrs Brown's Boys is a BAFTA award-winning comedy series, written by and starring Brendan O'Carroll, which first aired on the BBC in early 2011. In the series, Brendan O'Carroll plays the foul-mouthed Irish matriarch Agnes Brown. The TV show has been described as "Father Ted meets The Royale Family!".

In 2013, Mrs Brown's Boys toured the UK's biggest arenas with a live show titled For The Love Of Mrs Brown, which was part 4 of a hilarious theatre series.

Mrs Brown's Boys will be touring the UK again in 2015 – with a new arena show titled How Now Mrs Brown Cow!

Mrs Brown's Boys UK Tour Dates for 2015

02 DEC 2015 Wednesday Sheffield Arena Sheffield
03 DEC 2015 Thursday Sheffield Arena Sheffield
04 DEC 2015 Friday Sheffield Arena Sheffield
05 DEC 2015 Sat 12:30pm Sheffield Arena Sheffield
05 DEC 2015 Sat 6:00pm Sheffield Arena Sheffield

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